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Whangarei Car Servicing & Repair

From the front to the back and everything in between, our team can take care of everything mechanical on and in your vehicle, and we work with a great team of suppliers to assist with any extras too.

Let us help you with:

Vehicle servicing

Regular servicing will help keep your vehicle performing at its best and improve fuel economy. We offer a variety of service packages for all makes and models of vehicles. Our experienced team can take care of everything from general vehicle servicing to transmission services and everything in between. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Air-conditioning Servicing

Let us keep you cool in summer by taking care of air-conditioning re-gassing and maintenance. This will also help with demisting your windscreen on those cold winter mornings.

Transmission servicing

Don’t make the costly mistake of neglecting your transmission. These should be serviced every 20,000 or 50,000 kilometres depending on your vehicle.

Diagnostic scans

Any warning lights (SRS/airbag, traction control, ABS or engine management lights) should be investigated as soon as possible to prevent any damage and to ensure the efficient running of your vehicle. Our diagnostic machine communicates with most vehicles; give us a call to discuss your specific requirements.

General repairs

Failed your WOF inspection? Contact us for a no obligation estimate to carry out your WOF repairs.

Vehicle TLC

Don’t wait for your vehicle to break down before deciding to show it some love! Preventative maintenance can not only save you money, but will also avoid the stress and inconvenience of your vehicle breaking down when you can least afford it to. Contact City Motors for transmission services, timing or cam belts, water pumps, brakes, suspension bushes and components, clutch repairs and replacements, CV joints and boots, steering components, engine replacement and reconditioning.

Pre-purchase and Mechanical inspections

City Motors offers two options for pre-purchase inspections:

Full vehicle inspection: $155. This includes a full mechanical inspection as well as thoroughly looking over the car to give our opinion on whether it’s a good purchase. This inspection is ideal for those buying the car from out of town, or for someone who wants reassurance that the vehicle is generally in good order.  We’ll give you a comprehensive report together with photographs of the vehicle and our technician will discuss any findings with you.

Mechanical inspection only: $65. This inspection is for those wanting the engine checked over and does not include a full check of the whole vehicle.

  • Emergency repairs and roadside assistance
  • Fleet care and maintenance
  • Warranty work

We do Warrant of Fitness (WOF) inspections on cars, motorbikes and trailers. No appointments are necessary for cars or trailers; however we have a specialised motorbike inspector so we require bookings for motorbike WOFs.

We also do pink and green sticker inspections, contact us today for more information.